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jul 27, 2020 Uncategorized by admin
4000 a.d.
When science and art are entirely
melted together to something new
When the people will have lost their
remembrance and thus will have
no past, only future.
When they will have to discover everything
every moment again and again
When they will have lost their need for
contact with others …
Then they will live in a world of only
colour, light, space, time, sounds and movement
Then colour light space time
sounds and movement will be free
No music
No theatre
No art
There will be sound

Stanley Brouwn: A Short Manifesto

Mogen liefde en trouw je nooit verlaten,
wind ze om je hals,
schrijf ze in je hart.
God en de mensen zullen je genegen zijn
en je zult waardering ondervinden.